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Sweat free, sustainably

Refillable, high performing Antiperspirant packed with natural ingredients. Welcome to Make Waves.

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Sweat free, sustainably

Refillable, high performing Antiperspirant packed with natural ingredients. Welcome to Make Waves.

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Refillable antiperspirant that keeps you sweat free, without compromising on sustainability.

Formulated by leading experts. Dermatologically tested. Delivered straight to your door.


Refillable Antiperspirant

1. Select your refillable applicator

2. Select your deodorant capsules (each lasting 6-8 weeks)

3. Choose your plan:

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4. Reuse for life

You don't have to compromise on performance to be sustainable.

High performance, minimum impact

Formulated by experts

And tested by dermatologists. Our antiperspirant was developed to stop sweat (keeping those sweat patches away!) and is packed with vitamins to protect your armpits - so it's kind to your skin and the planet.









Sweat free

Have you been looking for a sustainable Antiperspirant? Then look no further. It's time to stop sweat sustainably. Make Waves keeps you sweat free with the UK's best antiperspirant.


At Make Waves, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That means using the most sustainable materials, manufacturing processes and ingredients, to create products that have as little impact on our planet as possible.


We recognise that every day and body are different, and that sweat is a very personal thing. That's why we created both a refillable antiperspirant, and a natural deodorant. Really making sustainable deodorant and inclusive club.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Make Waves for?

That's easy... everyone! If you're looking for an antiperspirant that keeps you sweat free (and those sweat patches at bay!) then you're in the right place. Our Antiperspirant formulation combines the performance of antiperspirant ingredients with premium natural ingredients to provide protection when you need it most, whilst being kind to your armpits. You're welcome!

Is Make Waves an Antiperspirant?

It absolutely is. In fact, Make Waves offer two formulations; Antiperspirant, and Natural Deodorant. Here's a bit more about both of them:

Antiperspirant - this formulation combines the high performance of antiperspirant ingredients with premium natural ingredients to provide a product that stops sweat, but is also kind to your skin. Unique in the market!

Natural Deodorant - this formulation is packed to the brim with premium natural ingredients which get rid of any odour causing bacteria, and absorb moisture. Allowing your armpits to sweat, but keeping you mighty fresh.

How long does Make Waves last?

Make Waves formulations were developed by global leading experts (and tested by dermatologists) to keep you dry and smelling fresh all day, and long into the night! So don't sweat it, we've got you covered.

Each refill capsule lasts 4-8 weeks depending on usage (and often much longer!).

How many scents do you have?

We have four core scents at the moment, with more on the way soon (watch this space!). Just scroll down this page to see our scents in all their glory.

Do you offer samples or test sizes?

Sadly, we don't yet offer samples or test size products, but we're a growing company and hope to be able to do so soon! We're working on the most sustainable way to do so.

Make your Wave

Our community is full of incredible people - British athletes, new mums, everyday heros and those who like to push themselves to their limits. Together we're all making a difference.

At Make Waves we sell refillable Antiperspirant, but we're more than that. We want to support you to live with an active body and mind.

Refillable Antiperspirant Scents

Pink Pomegranate

Modern and invigorating.

Fruity energy peppered with warm amber undertones.

Perfect to wake you up in the morning and keep you bright eyed into the evening.

Bergamot & Amber

Fresh and powerful.

Like a cold shower in the morning, giving you the confidence to take on the day.

Coconut & Vanilla

Smooth and relaxing.

A contemporary twist on a traditional pairing.
A gentle reminder of warm summer evenings, and that sunset cocktail on the beach.

Sandalwood & Patchouli

Sophisticated and honest.

Warming sandalwood with sweet and spicy patchouli. A hint of vanilla to lift the mood.
Keeping you centred and calm, whether you’re out for a run, or running for the bus

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